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The benefits and drawbacks of automated marketing

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The benefits and drawbacks of automated marketing

In small and large businesses, mom and pop shops and multinational corporations, there is always something that needs to be done. Business owners and marketing directors are always looking for ways to cut down on their workloads. One way they can do this is by implementing marketing automation. When done correctly, your website, social media site, or email generator will be able to handle some of the minor items of day-to-day business.

Email automation

For instance, email programs can be set to release an email at a specific time and date without a real person having to press the “send” button. This is handy if you find that you get the best open and click-through rates on Saturday mornings when no one is at work. Email code also allows you to personalize emails so they include the recipient’s actual name, rather than a generic, “Dear customer.”

Nurturing leads

Marketing automation can also help with lead nurturing. A customer who contacts you through social media or a customer concern email will want a quick response. Automation allows you to create a response that will automatically reply to any communication from a customer, letting them know their missive has been received, will be reviewed, and responded to within a certain amount of time. Proper lead nurturation will help turn merely curious shoppers into buyers, into loyal customers.

The Dominos Automation Fail

There are some drawbacks to marketing automation, however. Automated emails must be proofread and reviewed meticulously in order to prevent the wrong response from being sent to the wrong person. Hubspot writer Laura Hogan, account manager for an inbound marketing agency in North Carolina, referenced a Facebook automation fail in one of her recent articles. A customer of Domino’s Pizza had posted a picture of their pizza with the caption, “Best Pizza Ever! Pan Pizza Keep up the good work guys!”

For some unbeknownst reason, the Dominos page responded with an apology post: “So sorry about that! Please share some additional information with us” and a webpage and reference number for the claim was included. How embarrassing. Thus, for some things it’s best to have a live person to deal with. People don’t like to think they’re being handled by a robot.

The human touch

PayPerCall Market offers just such an option. Companies can pair with affiliates who will help with qualified lead generation. Leads are sent to a customer service number so they can speak with a representative about their interests. There’s no replacement for the human touch.

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