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Tethering problem - intermediate connection to the internet

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Re: Tethering problem - intermediate connection to the internet

It is disheartening to read that Starhub is still not acknowledging the fault with their system and pushing the blame onto the phone manufacturer.


I reported the same issue on this post over a year ago and took my issue over a private communication with Starhub. Likewise, their initial response was to ask to me check with the phone manufacturer. I was not happy, to say the least, and persisted on the matter. I was given the runaround several times but after 3 months of communication, my issue was resolved.


Bottomline, Starhub "updated the system records" and the problem went away. I suggested they share the details of the fix on the post so other could find a resolution as well - but I never received any response.


As a caveat, I'm not saying everyone's problem is exactly the same as mine. But if you have done your due diligence and tested on other network SIMs successfully on the same phone and documented the details, I would suggest you persist on the matter. 


Good luck.

Community Manager

Re: Tethering problem - intermediate connection to the internet

Hi Beefarm, issues are on a case to case basis. We would require details for our network engineers to check. If you require further assistance, do let us know. 

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Re: Tethering problem - intermediate connection to the internet

Hi Debbie,


I started this thread on 1 April 2017, and til date have no resolution. I hope Starhub will look into my case and provide a resolution very soon. 


Based on the messages in this thread, it seemed that there is a large group of users experiencing the same issues, and if you have read through my case history, you will know that I have done all possible tests outside of changing the Starhub backend equipment. I have changed SIM twice, tested on Apple, Samsung, ASUS, on both my mobile, and your engineers' mobile, on at least 2 locations with your engineers. 


Other users are just trying to help, and sharing their experience. Isn't this the purpose of the community forum? No need to be so defensive in your reply.