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Smart Support trouble

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Smart Support trouble

A month ago, I have contacted smart support about my phone which was not working. I paid the replacement fee and was given a new phone. Smart support informed me that the phone that was given has a 6 months warranty.


Shortly after, the phone began to auto shutdown. Sometimes it would auto switch on, and later I realized that when the phone did not do that, I would have to wait for the battery to fully discharge, and then upon charging, I would be able to turn it back on.


Initially, I contacted smartsupport and informed them about the phone shutting down. The service guy came and told me he could not replace the phone because they need to witness the phone doing that. And when he was there, the phone was working. He suggested that it could be a software issue, and recommended me to reset the settings. This was a day before i had to make a work trip for a week overseas. Since there was nothing the delivery person could do, we kept the phone.


The next day while overseas, the phone completely shut down, and we tried charging the phone but nothing happened. So I immediately called Smartsupport and raised the issue and arranged for them to change the phone in a week when I returned. I also informed them that I would need to travel overseas for three weeks during the December holidays.


This time when they came, they put the phone on charge, and managed to turn it on after 10 mins, and again I was told they needed to witness the issue happening before they would replace the phone. This time I managed to take a video of the messages that were coming in to the phone after one week of inactivity. Again they did not want to replace. I requested to speak to the supervisor, and explained the situation. My phone was in perfect condition and there were no physical defects. There is not reason to request to replace except for the fact that it was not working properly. I also raised the point that I would need a working phone for navigating and be contactable for work purpose, and asked if they would be responsible for the roaming service that I always get from Starhub when I travel. 


To my dismay, they did not offer me any help except to tell me to take a video the next time it happens. So the first day of my vacation, the phone shut down, and we realize that we would need to wait for the phone’s battery to discharge before we can hope that it will turn on again. As you can imagine, this caused a lot of frustration and inconvenience. And after a week, the phone went completely dead. In a week, I will be returning to Singapore, and I have already tried contacting both Smartsypport and Starhub about the situation. Starhub informed me that they would be able to reverse the charges for the monthly subscription and data package. However it is up to Smartsuppoet to handle the phone.


Now that the phone is completely not working, they will replace the phone. However this is an issue that was anticipated a month ago, and I have called several times, and clearly stated the inconvenience and difficulties that would arise. 


I am very disappointed and upset with Smartsupport. They are inflexible, when I first asked them how to prove that my phone randomly shuts down, and I was told to take a video when it happened. I wondered if anyone else were told that and successfully managed to capture their phone randomly shutting down in a video.  Also they informed me that I have to bear the transport costs if I file for another service request again. 


I have been a Starhub and Smartsupport subscriber for years. However I never had much issue with my phone and now that I do, I realize that there is not much support from Smartsupport. 

Community Manager

Re: Smart Support trouble

Hi Lilianfong


I hear your frustration and I'd like to help.


Please reply with your registered name, service number and Hub ID / email address for verification
by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < and I'll check on this for you. 


- Amy
Esteemed Commentator

Re: Smart Support trouble

I totally feel you, everything you said and think happens to me also.
I also ask them how do u expect me to take a video if my phone black out.. Ridiculous right !
I too need to go for overseas after that but for me the worst part is when im back to Singapore its already pass the 6 months warranty and they refuse to replace it. Even i have report to them before my warranty expired. So now my iphone is totally dead and i cant do anything about it, i had bring over to ALab to repair and they say it cannot be repair as its motherboard issue, need to pay $450 to replace a new one...

Community Manager

Re: Smart Support trouble

Hi odietan


I see your PM so let's chat there. 


- Amy