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Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

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Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly


I've been trying unsuccessfully to get any 3rd party DNS service including Unotelly working ever since I've changed my connection from cable to fibre. Unotelly's customer service has run me through tests - it appears the problem is Starhub's server side. (c.f. email correspondence below). I called twice to have any server-side DNS filtering turned off but it hasn't worked. (one of your technicians told me she had disabled safesurf and that it should work; I realized safesurf doesn't matter at all.)


Could you advise please? I've been trying to iron this out for over a month.




Hi Johan,

Thank you for the NSlookup results and clearing your cache. Your NSLookup indicates that the DNS portion of your network is working, but something is filtering your HTTP traffic.


This is a common issue with Starhub customers as Starhub tends to use different IP addresses for each HTTP request. Apple TV and other devices could be unaffected depending on the channel because most of the Device links use HTTPS which cannot be intercepted or filtered.


You can confirm this by trying the two sites below:




Note that both of them are the same site, but the HTTPS (number 2 ) version will likely work if you are setup correctly while the HTTP version will give you a geolocation error. Starhub automatically turns on SmartSurf along with DNS filtering that you can usually remove and disable by contacting them. I hope that helps. Thank you for using UnoTelly!


Best Regards, Kobi UnoTelly Team



On Sun, Jun 30 at 5:20 AM , Johan Wong wrote:


Hi, I tried all of this but it's still not working. Is there something else I can do? Johan


On Jun 20, 2013, at 3:11 AM, UnoTelly Tech Support wrote:


HI Please try the following to clear any corrupt DNS and browser cache:


Flush DNS Cache

Clear Browser Cache

Powercycle Network devices (Flushes Router/Modem DNS Cache)

Shutdown computer/other network devices.

Unplug power cable from modem/router.

Wait 30 seconds. Plug in modem/router.

Turn on network devices.

now try to go to UnoTelly Team Jonathan


On Wed, Jun 19 at 10:23 AM , Johan Wong wrote:


Hi Howard, I've set up the DNS accordingly. Here's the screenshot. Hulu doesn't play. Regards, Johan


On Jun 2, 2013, at 7:20 AM, UnoTelly Tech Support wrote:


Hi Johan Can you please set the DNS directly on your Mac's network settings:


Then perform a nslookup test for me:


From your Mac: 1. In the upper right corner of your screen, where the search function is, type in Terminal and open the program. 2. Type in: nslookup and press Enter. 3. Type in: ping -c3 and press Enter. 4. Press enter and copy the results to this e-mail. How to take a screenshot: 5. Go to and play a video. Please let us know if it works.


Best Regards, Howard UnoTelly Team

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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

Subscribed.. wanting to see how this pan out as well.


I've played with Unotelly for a while, it worked initially, then died out... at the same time when I realise the transparent proxy (or maybe there wasn't one initially) surfaced. will clearly show your proxy. The geo-lock will activate once it see this IP. 


Surprisingly, the transparent proxy doesn't affect every site, only a few of them. And for the same service, say a certain anime website, PS3 apps will work perfectly fine, but ordinary computer would fail.

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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

Ya, it works on Apple TV for me.

My speculation is tt device apps use the https protocol; can't confirm though.


And Starhub has been pushing me from engineer to engineer for almost a fortnight now, making me send screenshot after screenshot, with no resolution and no compensation in sight.

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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly



Starhub is still unable to solve this problem. They've called me maybe 6-7 times now (once at 11pm on Sunday), and each time explained that they didn't know how to proceed in signing up for and testing either Unotelly or Netflix. I had to let them know on several occasions that there were trial accounts that they could do their testing on and handhold them through the sign up process.


The most recent call (today 3.45pm) was from Vincent, who reiterated what the caller on Sunday night (forgot her name) said - that they could not sign up for the free Netflix trial without a credit card. Both callers were requesting me for my user account and password in order to test Netflix. Their number was 6824 9380. The caller on Sunday night had suggested that I could always change my password after they had done their testing. When I refused, both she and Vincent cautioned threateningly that the issue would not be resolved without access to my account. Vincent also highlighted that if credit card fraud happens (since my cc details are stored in my Netflix account), it will be the credit card company's responsibility and not Starhub's.


I made it known to Vincent that unless Starhub will be responsible for leakage of my personal information and credit card details, I would refuse them access to my Netflix account. At this point, he tried rudely to end the call suddenly as I tried to explain that it was to protect him as much as myself by not divulging such information. I have requested to escalate this issue to Vincent's manager and for a return call no later than 8.30pm tonight.


I didn't have any problems when I was on their cable service; this only cropped up when I switched to fibre. But just trying to resolve this has been a test of my patience and made me question the competency of Starhub's engineers and customer service officers.

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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

Update 2:


Vincent called again around 4pm and said that his manager instructed him to send an email to Unotelly (cc myself) to say clearly "in black and white" that Starhub was only a provider of residential broadband. The email would clearly state the range of dynamic IP addresses that MaxInfinity was set up with, include other technical details, and request them to resolve the issue on Unotelly's side.


They have not tested Netflix by themselves (though they apparently tried Hulu) and it appears they want to hand off this problem now. Vincent said clearly that as I was Unotelly's customer, it was my responsibility to follow up with them following this email. He said that Starhub would continue to "provide the best possible support" for this issue and he would check in on the case from "time to time", like he did with another case that took six months to resolve. He went on to say that if "MaxInfinity is not suitable for you, the best solution is to switch you back to MaxOnline". The way that he spoke implied that, because Starhub did not state clearly the limitations of its MaxInfinity service, that Starhub would refund the cost incurred from an incomplete rendering of its services over the past few months and waive all charges associated with switching back to MaxOnline.


Separately, my request to speak with his manager was also not met. To ensure that there's accountability, I requested that his email to Unotelly include a line saying that his manager will return my call as soon as he was out of his meeting.

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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

I am having the same problem. This is not an issue with other provider. Can starhub help?
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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

Update 3:

I received a call from Benjamin on 1 Sep (Sunday) around 10am asking me to try out the service. I explained that I had tried accessing Netflix the night before and it had worked, but that it was no longer working again.


He called again explaining that Unotelly had mentioned that they were refreshing their backend service in October, and explained that, since the problem seems to be coming from the backend, I should wait for the refresh to see if it resolves the issue. I enquired about a waiver of my subscription since, including waiting till October, I would have suffered incomplete service for almost 5 months.


He promised to look into the waiver and to call with an update on 15 Sep.


At this point, I am still unsure whether the problem lies with Unotelly or with Starhub. However, given I had no problems with Unotelly on Starhub's MaxOnline service before, I hypothesize that Starhub's inability to reconfigure the addresses tied to its fibre service is the main issue at hand.


I will update again when they give an update.

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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

Update 4:


I remain unclear as to whether the issue lay with Unotelly or with Starhub. The engineer, Vincent, followed up with a call in late Sept to update that Starhub's maintenance team would now only reset its servers in November instead of by end October. This is counter to what was communicated previously - that Unotelly was the one resetting its service. (He also mentioned having left a voicemail, which I did not receive a notification for and could not find.)


I then sent an email on 1 Oct to both Starhub's technical desk and Unotelly's help desk, asking if there were any updates about resolving the issue. John from Unotelly replied saying that they had not yet received the info they needed from Starhub. When I received a call-back from Vincent, he explained that he wasn't aware Unotelly was waiting for any info input. Instead, he explained that John from Unotelly had not replied him, before asking me to forward John's reply to helpdesk@starhub. After a long explanation that I was not concerned about who was to blame for dropping the ball (I forwarded the email anyway), I made it clear that I simply wanted the problem to be solved. I reiterated that I did not have such an issue when I was with Starhub's cable service, and that I only faced this with this new fibre service.


I had also asked if Starhub was ready to recompense me for this inconvenience that has happened since June. Vincent's answer was an outright no, and there was refusal to escalate this, claiming that his higher ups will not approve it anyway. While I was ready to not receive any recompensation as long as my problem was fixed, it does seem that this issue has been dragging out for longer than was necessary to fix it.


Separately, I also requested again to escalate the issue and to speak with his manager.


I received a call today at 4.30pm from Naim, his manager. I surmarized the situation and explained how it has been frustrating that his team had dropped the ball on following up on this case. While I understand when personnel have personal issues or even limited bandwidth, it was absolutely unacceptable when the follow ups are not clear.


I was promised that I will get regular updates about this situation and that Naim will try to resolve this as soon as possible. He also said that he understands how I must feel, being given answers that came across as little more than delay tactics.


Updates to follow when I get them.



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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

Facing the same issue here and I doubt that it will be solved anytime soon... waiting technical team member to call me but knowing from previous experience it might never happen.

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Re: Problem with Starhub Fibre & 3rd party DNS services like Unotelly

hi. same problem here.

flushed cache. dns. etc etc.


called starhub / email unotelly.


it worked fine on cable modem. not swtich to fibre and macbook doesn't run netflix.


now i'm upgrading and got a DOWNGRADED service!


now kicking myself not signing up with myrepublic when i had the chance. 


and seriously will make this known should this is not resolved soon.


please let me know what email should i write to, to have this resolve!


let's get this FIXED! people!