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[Official complaint] Starhub poor handling

Valued Commentator

[Official complaint] Starhub poor handling

i would like to make a official complaint


Firstly,i got 2 account and have installment plan to pay. The 1st acc i already clear the installment plan and the contract had expiry and planning to recontract, but due to 2nd contract and i still undergoing pay installment every month.


Secondly,on the 29th jan 2019, i did call to the call centre and ask whether am i eligble to recontract the 1st acc and i did declare that i still paying my 2nd acc. one of your officer told i can do recontract. Then on the 7th feb 2019, i called the call center again to double confirm, same answer i had i can do recontract.


Thirdly,on the 8 feb 2019,i walk-in to the starhub shop (NEX branch) i waited about 2 hrs que. One of your staff suddenly told me i can't do recontract due to the 2nd acc outstanding i must clear off. even i asked one of the branch manager steven told me same statement i must clear my outstanding.


As a consumer of course i aware that i got outstanding amount thats why i called to call center to ask. i very mad of poor handling and i demand a conpensation of my losses and time wasted. If not i bring this up to the next level.


Hope will hear from you

Community Manager

Re: [Official complaint] Starhub poor handling

Hi Rocky1024, please PM us the subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance. 

New Commentator

Re: [Official complaint] Starhub poor handling

Hi, I would like to make a URGENT complaint in regard to my bill and I seek immediate ACTION from your side. My StarHub account number .


I had recently (March 2019) subscribed to the StarHub mobile plan by applying for it the Tampines starhub outlet. While getting the connection (at Tampines starhub outlet), I requested specifically for IDD 018 activation. I told the person attending to me that I need to call India and requested activation of the IDD (I was aware of the IDD because I have been a customer of StarHub for almost 4 years earlier). He assured me that he has activated it and the initial 700 minutes will not be charged.

Afterwards, I used the IDD to make calls to India (only). In the month of June when I received the first bill, the billed amount was a whopping S$446.58. Extremely disturbed on seeing the bill when I called the StarHub customer care and I was told that the IDD apparently hasn't been activated.


This is a case of sheer irresponsibility and inattentiveness of the StarHub official attending to me in the StarHub Tampines Mall outlet. I told him that I need IDD activated on the new number and later asked him if it was done, he said everything has been done. And now I realize that he did not activate it is NOT MY FAULT. I was not making a casual chat about IDD; I wanted it done!


I have logged two complaints (written) already and called twice. None of my emails/complaints are replied to. The first time I called, the customer care executive assured me that they will take up the matter with the Tampines StarHub outlet and help resolve the issue and waive the IDD charges. Yet, I never heard back. Second time I called (after 3-4 days), I was assured that they will arrange for a call with someone from the management/billing division within 24 hours. Additional 3-4 days have already passed and there has been NO RESPONSE. 


 I am extremely disturbed by these turns of events. You can check my bill. The overseas (India) calls are all made using the IDD and the very reason why I used it is that I was assured that it is activated. To see that the customers' request is not properly and fully attended to (and implemented as request) and then grievances not being properly addressed is not reflective of a customer centric organization. I am extremely disturbed by this event and I am in a state of extreme mental distress because of the billing error which is entirely the fault of the StaHub official who was attending to me in the Tampines mall StaHub outlet. I request complete and immediate waiver of the additional charges imposed on the IDD in the March-April bill. Please send me the revise bill (so that I can make payment).

Community Manager

Re: [Official complaint] Starhub poor handling

We have escalated your matter to the relevant team for assistance. thank you 

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