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[Official complaint] Starhub poor handling

Valued Commentator

[Official complaint] Starhub poor handling

i would like to make a official complaint


Firstly,i got 2 account and have installment plan to pay. The 1st acc i already clear the installment plan and the contract had expiry and planning to recontract, but due to 2nd contract and i still undergoing pay installment every month.


Secondly,on the 29th jan 2019, i did call to the call centre and ask whether am i eligble to recontract the 1st acc and i did declare that i still paying my 2nd acc. one of your officer told i can do recontract. Then on the 7th feb 2019, i called the call center again to double confirm, same answer i had i can do recontract.


Thirdly,on the 8 feb 2019,i walk-in to the starhub shop (NEX branch) i waited about 2 hrs que. One of your staff suddenly told me i can't do recontract due to the 2nd acc outstanding i must clear off. even i asked one of the branch manager steven told me same statement i must clear my outstanding.


As a consumer of course i aware that i got outstanding amount thats why i called to call center to ask. i very mad of poor handling and i demand a conpensation of my losses and time wasted. If not i bring this up to the next level.


Hope will hear from you

Community Manager

Re: [Official complaint] Starhub poor handling

Hi Rocky1024, please PM us the subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance.