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Help needed from Starhub

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Help needed from Starhub

Our company have been using Starhub for the past few years. Recently, we had a change of management and they requested us to get a telco plan which is more cost effective. Due to some miscommunication, our line was wrongly terminated on the 15th of May when we actually wanted to get another plan from Starhub. I called the helpdesk - 1631 yesterday and told them the issue. The helpdesk was telling me that reinstatement is not possible, as the line has already been terminated. In another words, there is no chance of us getting back the same number we have been using for the past years. The customer service officer also state that, to get back the same number, we will have to wait for another 3-5 years. Honestly, i do not get why the reactivation of a number is so tough. Isn't it just putting a terminated number back into use?

I tried calling the line again and this time, its a female operator. She told me the same thing, and said that i can try to contact other service provider, for they might be able to provide that same number we have been using. It definitely does not sound logical, that you are asking me to opt for other service provider instead? 

I would appreciate if you can get back to me ASAP if it is possible to get the same line back. Our lines have been down for 2 days already and it is cosing a lot of issue. 

Hope to hear from you soon.. 

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Re: Help needed from Starhub

Update: No one bothered to give me an answer regarding the issue. They just asked me to call the hotline at 1631. FYI, I actually called up Singtel regarding this as well and they said that they do not have an issue reinstating a terminated number. So I honestly do not get what your issue is. 

Community Manager

Re: Help needed from Starhub

That is certainly odd. Please send me the following details via Private Message and I'll arrange for follow up from our business team.


Name of Company:
BRN/UEN number of Company:
Name and Contact number of Contact Person:
Email Address:


- Amy