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Feedback on HomeHub Fibre recontract

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Feedback on HomeHub Fibre recontract



This is a feedback on my experience with your colleague at Sales line 1630.


I called this afternoon to recontract my MaxMobile Plus with Digital Voice to HomeHub 200. During
our conversation, there are things which I wish to highlight:


1) I was told that additional device will be setup to port over my existing Digital Voice. As this Fibre will be lay into my living room and my exiting Digital Voice line is in another room, I do not wish to move my Digital Voice line. I told her that I wish to maintain my Digital Voice at the current platform on Cable. I was told that this cannot be done, this was different from my understanding. She sound very convincing and confident. I have to insist her to confirm with her colleague first. My line was put on hold. She reverted back later that it can be done.


2) Next I told her that I will be moving house a year later and would like to find out the cost involved as this is a 2-year contract. I was told early terminated at pro-rate price and for relocation is at $200 flat. Again she sound convincing and confident. I was told by another of your colleague previously that if the relocation is less then a year, the charges is pro-rated and if the relocation is after a year the cost is $30+$50. I am confused now. I have repeated asked her to clarify again, she still come back at $200. Please advice.


3) During our conversation, she mentioned of the devices I will be using for my mobile broadband so she can put up the type of simcard for my device. I told that there is no need for the new simcard, I requested her to transfer my existing mobile broadband under MaxOnline Plus to HomeHub 200. I was told that this cannot be done. I questioned her on Starhub's rationale of issuing a new simcard, going through the hassle of admin work and downtime on my side instead of transfering my existing mobile broadband to the new account. Again she sound very confident, I have to repeatedly ask her to seek her colleague for confirmation. Shortly she reverted back that this can be done. *sigh*


4) I was given 2 dates for my Fibre setup. The first date on 9 May and 2nd date on 13 May. Again I repeatedly asked whether is the 2nd date on 13 May and was given positive reply. Isn't 13 May Vesak Day? After that my 2nd date was change.


Lastly I asked whether is your colleague new, I do understand that new sales staff need time to brush up their knowledge. The reply she gave was that she is not a new. It is funny that as a customer I know more than your experience sales staff.


I must applaud that even she gave the wrong information and yet she still sound convincing and confident. However throughout the conversation she didn't sound apologetic even she provide me a lot of wrong information.


Just hope that your sales colleague can improve on her knowledge.


Lastly, can anyone tell me for early relocation of HomeHub, how much must I pay?


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Re: Feedback on HomeHub Fibre recontract

I remember when I signed up for home hub200 in Nov 2013, the sales person jokingly told me not to move house during the 2 yr contract, since there is $200 flat charge for re-location. Your existing mobile broadband under MaxOnline Plus better keep it, since the new free mobile broadband SIM only has 1GB data volume, not enough for normal use!