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Complaint & Feedback

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Complaint & Feedback

I am writing with the intent to complain, but also to feedback so Starhub has an opportunity to improve. 

This is with regards to an officer named Ivan that I spoke to over the phone. I believe he is from the escalation team. I would like to think that this department would have been well trained, but based on my experience with Ivan, it does not seem so. 

He did not understand my problem I am experiencing, demonstrated a dimissive attitude and scoffed at my queries. I would fare as a fairly polite customers and was not rude to him in any way.
I was so taken aback by the way he handled, the call that I decided not to engage further with him. 

Being trained in customer service myself, I was appalled that Starhub, a huge telco company in first-world country of Singapore, would allow this officer to be so arrogant. If he is also in the escalation team, then what sort of quality would the customer service be?

As I have served as a customer service officer myself, I knew it can be hard dealing with difficult customers. I find it hard to fathom why I had been nice, but was treated in this manner. I felt unheard, and was not respected as a customer. 

Here are several pointers for the management team to improve, instead of letting one bad apple ruin the reputation all:

1. Soft skills

Choose to hire a customer service officer who knows empathy. When he is not able to sieve out the real problem the customer is experiencing, he does not serve any value trying to regurgitate what he knows. 
When it reaches the point of customer suggesting porting over to other telco company, please realise that the customer is disappointed with your service. Please make an effort in retaining the customer, instead of gleefully suggesting that it is okay to terminate the line. Have the patience and be able to explain clearly. This brings use to the second point:

2. Product skills

Be familiar with the product. If you are not, do not try to be defensive and attack the customer passive aggressively. While information can be found online, what makes you different as a customer service officer in the ability to understand the customer's problem, use your knowledge on the product to explain clearly to the customer, and offer a solution. Even if it may not be ideal, suggest alternatives.

I felt like at the end of the call, I am hinted to look for solutions myself by googling online and comparing deals from other telco companies. This is my experience as a customer served by officer Ivan. I do not wish upon something similar to be experienced by any other. Therefore I feel inclined to make an effort and write this feedback. To be fair, I have had amazing experience with other officers. Be confident, not arrogant. Solve the problem, not regurgitate. 


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Re: Complaint & Feedback

Don't bother typing so much. They won't read everything. They only read what they want to read. That's the conclusion I get after few months of correspondence. They provide solutions that don't work and after everything, tells me its beyond them.

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Re: Complaint & Feedback

Hi fellow customer Donna0, 


My family as customer also still encountering an unprofessional Starhub Helpdesk these past six months, for my case.

- they unable to or does not want to escalate my case to Technical Support,

- they don't bother to follow-up (to resolve the case even though my first initial call to them on the same matter was three or four months ago)

- they don't bother to return call to customer (since they need to look into the case and unable to resolve the problem on the spot immediately, so there is no choice but to request them to return call to me for updates. I keep asking them to get back to me during the five times or more that I had phoned them over these past three or four months period, but as of this writing, I had received zero phone call from them, and the problem still remains unresolved)

- they don't professionally or systematically make good use of their Helpdesk's case numbers. It seems because of such unprofessionalism, they don't track which cases are already closed, which cases are still outstanding. I also noticed not all the helpdesk staff bother to update the cases database at their helpdesk (a number of my phone calls to them pertaining to my case, remains unrecorded in my case details, as if I had only phoned them a few times, whilst actually in truth I had phoned them at least five times or more over a three/four month period). I also remembered a helpdesk staff even initially was reluctant to give me my case number when I asked for it.



      I suspect this Starhub helpdesk is an outsourced helpdesk (delegated to a third party company). By outsourcing their helpdesk, Starhub's company executives have less stress with human-resource issues of the helpdesk staff. However, if not implemented properly, if not monitored properly with proper oversight, those helpdesk staff will end up with a smaller share of the pie in terms of renumeration, will end up with an overload of work in comparison to the manpower available, will end up with work environment and terms of work which are unfavourable, will end up with a downgraded not-so-professional customer service provided, will end up with disgrunted Starhub's customers, which are what I am already seeing.  Smiley Sad





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Re: Complaint & Feedback

Exactly my experience too! Now on the part of waiting for them to admit their product doesn’t work!!!