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***Chinese subtitle on One Tv Asia -ch 876(HD)***

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***Chinese subtitle on One Tv Asia -ch 876(HD)***

Dear Starhub, 



  • Recently I've notice the change in subtitles on the HD One channel. Its good to have some changes and improvements.


    But can you improve on the chinese subtitle please? Because from 26/08/13 onwards programmes like Madame Butterfly,StarKing,etc, the chinese sub on almost all dramas and variety shows sucks after the changes! Certain subs not shown when they are talking. Before the changes the subtitles on One (HD) was okay and good.


    Because i love to watch it in korean/original sound so the subtitle are very important.


    I hope this problem will be look into it,or else I will be very sad, frustrated and disappointed. I pay money to watch this channel 876(HD)with good subtitles and not to get this kind of lousy subtitles! Or don't upgrade but set it back to the old setting.


    Watching korean dramas now are so frustrating,because I know that the actress/actor are talking more than what it is translated!! You try watching it and you'll know what I mean,it's really frustrating. I mean if want to translate,must translate properly lah,but the subtitles seems to translate certain parts and miss out certain important parts of the drama. If this goes on I might as well download from the internet bcos their subs are SO much better. So Please do consider setting back to the old setting with good chinese subs.


    Thanks & have a great day!


    p/s: I had also sent an email to Onetvasia on facebook complaining about this today Smiley Happy


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Re: ***Chinese subtitle on One Tv Asia -ch 876(HD)***

Hi Stephanie22

Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded this to our content team for their review.
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Re: ***Chinese subtitle on One Tv Asia -ch 876(HD)***

Thank you! Smiley Happy

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Re: ***Chinese subtitle on One Tv Asia -ch 876(HD)***


The chinese subtitles(sub) on ch 876(HD) change back to the "good" sub on 5/9/13(Thursday) in the afternoon. But it is overlapping,meaning the old sub(ch 823 non-HD) are covering the "good" sub(ch 876 HD), so I just have to press asterisk(*) and select "off" for the subtitles and i can read the "good" sub!!

So I was super happy for that whole day watching kdramas UNTIL 10+ pm the same day,it switch back to the old sub(ch 823 non HD)!! I was **bleep** super frustrated and unhappy. Can starhub explain why is the chinese subtitles for ch 823 and ch 876 different?? They are the same ONEtvasia channel,but why use different subtitles???  

So far I went to Onetvasia facebook page and saw 2 people complaining about the chinese subtitles too. I'm still not sure whose fault is it,starhub or onetvasia?? So please solve it asap and we want the "good" sub back!!

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Re: ***Chinese subtitle on One Tv Asia -ch 876(HD)***

There have been several instances - HBO/Warner TV and other English movie channels where I have noticed when thy switch to another language the Chinese subtitles overlap the English ones - it is so annoying. The whole movie experience is ruined - please do not assume that we all understand Mandarin - respect the fact that Singapore is made up of Singaporeans.