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WhatsApp Free Call

Esteemed Commentator

Re: WhatsApp Free Call

Hi Azman,


Unfortunately I was slapped with a hefty $50.44 bill when I made a call to Australia via whatsapp. No one ever reply my request to waive the charge. Can you help me please??

Grand Guru

Re: WhatsApp Free Call

Do write your details to the link, for assistance.

Click on "Ask an account related question".



Whatsapp was meainly for SMS & MMS as using data.

Did you using call thru whatsapp calling functions, use only data as Voice+, same as SmarSurf plan

If not, it will charge as international charges, using + before phone numbers.

I did encountered this when i use it, as you said, short call, charges as international calls, not like 008


I am not Starhub staff &or related to.