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PlayStation or XBox?

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PlayStation or XBox?

Which side are you on? PlayStation or XBox?


Let's talk.

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Re: PlayStation or XBox?

Why not both! ... No seriously, I have both the Xbox One and PS4.

If I had to choose, I'd go with the Xbox One - it's not just a gaming device, it's an all-in-one entertainment bundle. With the ability to control the TV among other things, I can use just my voice to get to any game I want and even start watching StarHub TV!

The Xbox will also be getting loads of exclusive games and titles soon, and hands-down has the best multiplayer experience honed over the years.


Edit: I almost forgot... Halo 5 and Master Chief Collection! *le gasp*

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Re: PlayStation or XBox?

No time for consoles Smiley Sad
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Re: PlayStation or XBox?

I have the PS3 personally. But I don't touch it. The only games I have are games that are Playstation exclusive. Other than that, it'll all be played with the master race (PC).
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Re: PlayStation or XBox?

I have a PS3. Love games like Sleeping Dog and LA Noire.