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Lost mobile sim

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Lost mobile sim

Hi im having a big issue with my replacement sim. Already made 3 calls and still no resolution....

I lost my sim card and made a report. What irks me was that the SIM CARD WAS STILL ACTIVE more than 12 hours after reporting. Best is i got a replacement sim and it would not work!

Ive been told that they will forward it to the technical department and it has been more than 5 hours and STILL no change!

Im expecting a call for that number from someone... and worse what if someone used my phone line to make an illegal call or use it for mischief.

Please get back to me immediately. Its urgent. Thank you.
Grand Guru

Re: Lost mobile sim

How did you make the report on lost SIM card.


In normal case, (both SingTel & Starhub) you need to call the HOTline first.

Need to follow the auto voice direction, such as "1 - for mobile", until  the 'auto' voice to indicate "LOST SIM card".

Then next day you can go directly to the reception to collect a replacement SIM card.

The reception staff (no need wait for counter, for a simple replacement) will tell you activated take 1 hour.

This apply to both SingTel and StarHub, as i had several replacement of SIM card.


New: If SIM card was replaced before (depend on how long ago), there is a SIM card charges apply.


If you do not call HOTline, report thru auto voice, there may have some complication.

That is what had happened to you currently.

Mis-communication as staff may wait for your response to the system as terminated.

That is why both Singtel & Starhub staff told me to call and follow the voice prompt.

This could mean the automatic done by system, not staff, to teminated &or cut-off, quite immediately.

The staff did insist me to do this way, not directly from staff.


Note: You could use another phone to make the report (afterall the SIM card is lost), as they will required your NRIC, date of birth, mobile number.


Need to confirm with the staff that issue you the replacement SIM card that they will activate within 1 hour.

Need to bring your original NRIC, if you are the owner.

Grand Guru

Re: Lost mobile sim

The following method could be done quite immediately.


Try to call HOTline, and follow the voice prompt until it reach "To report Loss SIM card".

Key in that lost SIM card mobile number, which most probably if allow, that could mean still not temp suspension.


After auto report loss of SIM card, and you had already collected the new SIM Card and with you, then

call the HOTline to ask them to activate you new SIM card.

Need to confirm the mobile line number and the barcode 15 digits with the CS.

Need to confirm activation 1 hour.


Unless you do not have new SIM card, then have to go to any Starhub shops to collect the new replacement SIM card at the reception staff and confirm activate in 1 hour.


Community Manager

Re: Lost mobile sim

Hi @mohamadhafiz

We note that our colleague has contacted and assisted you with this query.

Hi @eric3743, thank you for your assistance.

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