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Inquiry on partnership for StarHub Services Corporate

Respected Commentator

Inquiry on partnership for StarHub Services Corporate


would like to inquire on partnership of sorts and/or referral fees for StarHub Services. Have knowledge and experience in Corporate Telco Sales. Relatively good stronghold of StarHub services ranging from local broadband to international circuits.

Keen to explore and to assist in generating revenue and profits via this the channels available. Well versed in Sales customer acquisition with my various methods and corporate network. Results confidence @ high TCV/mth. Thank You

Could someone advise me or contact me at my mobile. Greatly appreciated. 

Community Relationship Manager

Re: Inquiry on partnership for StarHub Services Corporate

Hi @DGWS, thank you for your interest. We have a Refer-a-friend programme that you might be interested in. Feel free to reach out should you have further queries. Thank you -Jolene 

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Re: Inquiry on partnership for StarHub Services Corporate

Hi Michelle,
Ia m looking more like a Channel Partner, more towards a mix of Appco and Insiro when on field for businesses or from home.
is it viable to work out something, with the CRM ACCESS, BROCHRES, FORMS AND so on for processing.
Or have u any suggestions?

Hope to her from u soon

Darren Goh
Alumni (Retired)

Re: Inquiry on partnership for StarHub Services Corporate

Hi @Keizo,


For such partnership you would need to write in to us officially.


Do PM us your details and we will get back to you.. 

Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub.

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My contact number is <snipped>. Do contact me regarding the marketing and sales of Stathub, Microsoft and other partners if StarHub. Relatively strong ability to break new grounds and open ip new businesses, although not technically an expert, I do have very strong corporate process and activities whether it be sales calls or submission of forms and documents via Salesforce and so on.
I am not sure what you have in mind given that I am an individual who always get the results Abd higher in which has always been my goal and motivation. There are bad times before for sure but I pick up fast and have the tendency to input very out of box ideas which I feel can increase total revenue organisational or commission sales.

Thank You

Darren Goh

*CV if requested, will send it over 


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