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Change SERVICE address

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Change SERVICE address



I'm moving to another appartment shortly. Therefore I've found out that I have to change my Billing and Service address. Its fairly easy to change the Billing address: My Account > Account Summary > Modify Address & Contact. But I find it hard to find where i can change my Service Address.


Please tell me where I can change my Service Address.


Thank You,


Re: Change SERVICE address

Hi @Jantina


What services do you currently have with Starhub? 


You can change the service address of your cable broadband and cable TV services by calling in to our hotline  at 1630 or by coming down to any of the Starhub shops listed here that support customer service. Alternatively you can PM me your full name, NRIC, contact number, old and new address and I can follow up from there. 


However, if you have a fibre broadband service, you would need to go down to any of the Starhub shops that support customer service to change the service address as there would be relocation charges involved. You can read more about the relevant charges here 


If the apartment that you are moving into is rented, you will need to have the landlord's approval before the relocation of the fibre service is done. 

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Re: Change SERVICE address

hi I'm moving out to new condo and I want to change the service and billing address.

Like you have stated, I can change the service address by pm-ing you about the details. Is that still possible? 

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Re: Change SERVICE address

Hi Julinda, I've dropped you a private message, in case you still require assistance. Smiley Happy

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Re: Change SERVICE address



i am moving condoes! i currently have starhub cable broadband and starhub tv with you. i have been able to change the billing address online but i would like to change the service address. both of them also need to be renewed.


firstly, can i change my service address with you via private msg just as you have with the other posts?
secondly, can i still modify my plan online?


many thanks in advance!


Best regards