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Appointment notifications

Valued Commentator

Appointment notifications

I have been receiving appointment message notifications almost 4 days in a row for 4 months. Kindly check can you just stop the message to my handphone. I don't have have or make any appointment with starhub for many months. Ignore the message for whatever reasons. Just stop sending me the notification and will not bother me to ignore.

Thank you and I hope someone just read and help me solve. I have called hotline, no one can solved and tell me to ignore the notification message.

Community Manager

Re: Appointment notifications

Hello Farnie, 


I am sorry for the unpleasant experience. Please drop me a PM with your registered name, registered mobile number and Hub ID/email address by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < for me to arrange for assistance. Thank you. 


- Jackson