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Anyone on a Ketogenic Diet?


Anyone on a Ketogenic Diet?



I've been on and off the ketogenic diet (aka keto diet) since last year. Serious practitioners call it a lifestyle instead of a diet but I know for one that I cannot see myself never having carbs again. Anyone else on this diet? What do you eat if you hate salmon, beef and generally fatty meat? 

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Re: Anyone on a Ketogenic Diet?

Me too howard , I'm on a on/off keto diet. Because I can't seem to get off carbs! But i'm happy to say I love salmon a lot *luckily* I go to astons for example. I can order a piece of salmon and then all garden veggies for both sides. I dont eat beef due to religion so every meal seems to be chicken fish pork.

However as pork is deemed to be red meat, i find my meals to be generally chicken/ fish/ salmon. So far so good. I'm adapting well to it. Just some times ... i go on some carbs like potatos and brown rice. I'm not 100% but considered 50%?

I work on 99% dark chocolate too. havent seen 100% but i would try if i seen one.