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Unable to purchase iphone7

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Unable to purchase iphone7

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Re: Unable to purchase iphone7

Hi Joanna, is there anything that we can assist you with? - Sofia

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Re: Unable to purchase iphone7

Hi Sofia

I have contacted your sales line this morning hoping for a give confirmation that we can purchase the phone and collect it today or tomorrow. But despite calling twice we have yet to receive a response.

This is supposed to be a Christmas gift.

I hope you can expedite the matter for us

Thank you
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Re: Unable to purchase iphone7

Hi  @Ms Joanna


To contact Sales hotline 1630 CS can able to check that you are doing the online purchase.


Currently just check, the iPhone 7 do still have Silver & Black.

Do it soon, as it is based on first come (complete the order) first get.

Then contact the Sales hotline 1630 CS which may required your personal detail before transfer you call, as confirmation you are doing online.

You need to made this call if you want to have the handset asap.

The Online store staff will able to complete your purchase.

In this way, it can be done quickly, but not sure delivery on Sat is ok or not.



Do it early as the store closed at 9.00 pm.


I did most of my purchase thru Online and no problem.

As the staff was very polite and helpful.

Without direct contact to online staff, it may be difficult to have it before 25th.

The reason is that there may have many users and date/time slot is not available.

By talking to the online staff, she managed to delivery the next day.


Upon receiving the handset, especially iPhone, you need to visit their 3rd party service center, and no 1 to 1 exchange, as some found out.


Do open the package and turn on the handset to check on any irregularity.


If not, you may need to visit their 3rd party service center, as no 1 to 1 replacement.


Last option is to get it from the store.


Merry Christmas!



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.