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StarHub Prepaid Voicemail


With Voicemail, you no longer have to miss a call! When you're too busy to retrieve a call, or when your mobile phone is switched off, callers will be directed to a voice message service.


To start using Voicemail, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Activate for Voicemail
A minimum GREEN Prepaid SIM card credit balance of $3.00 is required to activate your Voicemail.
Dial *130# on your mobile phone
(or Dial *130*1# if you prefer automated voicemail instructions in Mandarin)
Once the setup is completed, you will receive acknowledgement via SMS:
"Voicemail setup successful. Divert your calls to 1302 to start using your voicemail. The default voicemail password is 8888."


Step 2: Divert your calls
Divert unanswered calls to Voicemail by one of the following methods:
a) Select 'Call Divert' feature on your mobile phone and choose from the settings.
Enter 1302 as the number to divert to.
b) Enter ** 2-digit Divert Code*1302#
CodeDivert Condition
21 All calls
61 No reply
62 Not reachable
67 Busy


Voicemail notification via SMS

You will receive a SMS notification when a new voice message is received. If your mobile phone is switched off, alerts will be sent to you at various intervals. After 24 hours, no more SMS will be sent until you receive a new message. Your voice messages will remain in your Voicemail box for up to 4 days.


To retrieve Voicemail messages, follow these instructions:

  • Dial 1303
  • Enter password when prompted
  • Default password is '8888'
  • Press 1 to play message
  • Press 2 to save message
  • Press 5 to delete message
  • Press 44 to reply message
  • Press *1 to go back to main menu


Charges are based on prevailing GREEN Prepaid card airtime rates for:

  • Call forwarding of Voicemail: the duration of time taken by caller to deposit message in the Voicemail.
  • Retrieval of Voicemail messages: the duration of time taken to retrieve and listen to the messages in the Voicemail.

Voicemail notification via SMS & voicemail activation is free.


To de-activate your voicemail

Cancel call divert using the 'Call Divert' feature on your mobile phone.
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