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StarHub How-to's: How to do a Speed Test for Dongles and Mobile Phones



Hello! Welcome to StarHub MaxMobile user guide.  


In this video, we’ll show you How to test the typical download and upload speed for dongle or mobile phone.


For  Dongle  

1.  Plug  in  your  dongle  Click on Mobile Broadband shortcut on your desktop to start connection  

2.  Upon  connection,  start  your preferred Internet  browser  

3.  Ensure  you  have  the   latest  Java  version.  If  not,  you  can  download  from    

4.  Key  in  

5.  Click  “Begin  Test”  to  start  testing

6.  You  will  be  shown  upload  and  download  speed  results   


For  Mobile



1.  Go  to  Googleplay  and  search  for  “”  and  download  Apps  

2.  Start  “Speed  Test”  widget  

3.  Click  “Begin  Test”  to  start  testing  

4.  You  will  be  shown  the  upload  and  download  spe ed  results   


iOS (iPhone/iPad)

1.  Go  to  App  Store  and  search  for  “”  and  download  Apps  

2.  Start  “Speed  Test”  widget  

3.  Click  “Begin  Test”  to  start  testing  

4.  You  will  be  shown  the  upload  and  download  speed  results      



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