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Request for voucher

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Request for voucher

Hi I called up last Thursday to request for voucher so that I can recontract my mobile line but was told to wait for reply within 24hrs .. But up till today I have received nothing from your side.. I'm not sure if that the service u give for customers for wanting to recontract, if that's the case I will consider porting my line over to other telcos since StarHub doesn't want my business.. 

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Re: Request for voucher

I had the same experience as you and i was told i need to wait until next monday and voucher is no guarantee basis. Not even a loyal customer for 12 years gets a decent voucher. 


Welcome to starhub. 

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Re: Request for voucher

Same experience for me too ! As now SH will never care about the loyalty of their customer, so difficult for them to issue a re-contract voucher for their customers! May be is time for us to port in to others service providers, now the time to porting to other service providers not a difficult things with remain the same number and even with $150 welcome voucher too.
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Re: Request for voucher

You are absolutely right!! 


Its time to move on after 10+ years enough is enough....

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Re: Request for voucher

Hi  @Sweet


Please submit subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN and the number that you are enquiring on.

PM Debra Low  or  Santosh Rai  to assist and look into your case on this matter.

PM is private message, refer to on the left of post "Send private message".


There are criteria and conditions on giving out recontract voucher. 


Do note that HOTline CS would not able to answer your question as they are limited to provide service related matter only.

This "24 hours" is based on working days, and the time to rearch the proper manager.

This timing have to take in on as there may have many others "loyal" customers in similar condition to yours.

Such as for me, without any recontract voucher as i sign up for all 3 services since Starhub start operation.




I am not Starhub staff &or related.

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Re: Request for voucher

so only Sweet can reply to you or just being selective?
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Re: Request for voucher

Hi  @zen1414


You can follow my previous post instruction.



I am not Starhub staff. 

(This is free service i provided, without any benefit.)

Here to be able to guide who need assistance.

As forum staff do have other role &or function.

Normally the reply is to the OP, unless you stated the same.

It is normal no reply to others, as it could be part of the comment.

There are some users who post the same subject on several thread.

There are some users here, who are doing the same as me.

All Forums is for those who need help, and other users would able to provide.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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Re: Request for voucher

Hi @Sweet , we're unable to PM you. Do PM us with your NRIC/FIN number, mobile number and email address, we will be checking on your account. Thanks.