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Premium Rate Services (PRS) And How To Bar Them


1. What are Premium Rate Services?


Premium Rate Services (“PRS”) are services that you can buy by using your mobile phone or home line. They allow access to premium information, advice and entertainment services as well as facilitating audience participation in TV and radio shows.


Examples of PRS include:

- TV voting (for example, The Voice)
Chatline services
Donations to charities
Entertainment services (Content Download, Game Top Ups, etc)

Calls and texts to PRS typically cost more than ordinary telephone calls/texts depending on the prefix number or shortcode. 


2. How do you recognise Premium Rate Services?


Premium Rate Voice Services have a 1900 prefix (e.g. 1900) and Premium Rate Text Services are four or five digit short codes (e.g. 6XXX). 




3. Alright, so how do I stop this service? 


PRS Barring refers to a value-added service use to bar content and/or a service offered by StarHub and/or other 3rd party providers. PRS Barring allow customers to bar a specific mobile number from subscribing to chargeable mobile content such as: Content Downloads (Ringtones), SMS quizzes, Direct carrier billing services such as: Apps stores (Google play, Microsoft, 3rd party goods providers) and Games providers etc without charges.


4. What types of PRS Barring are available?


3rd party PRS barring - Customers that request for 3rd party PRS Barring will not be able to access 3rd party providers’ content services, but will still be able to access StarHub services


Full PRS barring - Customers that request for Full PRS Barring will not be able to access both 3rd party providers content services as well as StarHub services


3. How can I subscribe to PRS Barring?


Activation and Deactivation of the service can be requested through SMS


To activate 3rd Party PRS Barring only: SMS <BARPRS> and send to 6757


To activate Full PRS Barring (including StarHub Services): SMS <BARSTARHUBPRS> and send to 6757


To deactivate PRS Barring: SMS <UNBARPRS> and send to 6757


4. What are the StarHub services that will be affected if I request for Full PRS Barring?


Below is a list of StarHub Services that will be affected in the case of Full PRS Barring:

StarHub Music Anywhere (ie Connecting Tones)
Direct carrier billing (Google, Windows & 3rd Party good providers)


5. Are there any charges associated with using this service?


Barring request will be offered without any charges


6. After being barred, will I still be able to login to a service to browse (or take other non-payable actions)?


Customers are able to browse through our service even though Full PRS Barring has been requested. However, all purchases will not be allowed.


For details, check out Direct Carrier Billing Service for 3rd Party Goods Provider or Direct Carrier Billing Service for App Stores.

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