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Mobile Data

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Mobile Data

Hi, I sign up for homehub go surfhub 15, but my mobile data become 2gb, may I know why not 15gb?

Grand Guru

Re: Mobile Data

Hi  @meijun


When new sign-up &or recontract, it will prorated accordingly to this "Billing cycle period".


"Billing Cycle Period" - For any new &or recontract, there is this billing cycle period.

It will be stated on the Bill itself.

Billing cycle period do have start date to end date.

Example: start date: 24/08/2016, end date: 23/09/2016.

It use the calender period.


The billing cycle period normally around 3 - 5 days from the date that you had signup &or recontract.

Unless the recontract &or new signup is added to an existing mobile line bill, then it will adjust to that existing 'Bill cycle period"


The prorated amount will be shown on the following bill.

Beside this prorated amount, it will also include the normal mobile line plan.

Hence you may see 2 amounts for this particular mobile line.


Postpaid mean that you need to pay for the current month subscription.

For any additional charges, such as voice call more than the plan, will be reflected in the next bill.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.