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Misleading advertisement

New Commentator

Misleading advertisement

Hi, I will like to refer to your Single Day (11.11) Promotion "enjoy a FREE Samsung 512GB MicroSD with the Note9 512GB, OR Samsung Multi Wireless Charger (Black)" with the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


And so I bought the Note 9 128GB during the promotion period and upon receiving the handset today, it does not come with the Samsung Multi Wireless Charger. Thus I called starhub call center to ask about it, the customer service representative replied with "Yes, it supposed to come with the wireless charger but it is while stocks last, mam". In your website, it clearly did not mention any disclaimer or clause and it is still on your website with the new promotion for SITEX, misleading potential customers to purchase and led them to feel like it's a scam. 


I will like to ask starhub to give me a proper answer to what's stated above. Thank you.

Senior Commentator

Re: Misleading advertisement

Same goes for me too. I was hoping to have my 512GB microSd card, but customer care is telling me while stock last which is not mention in the advertisement.
Alumni (Retired)

Re: Misleading advertisement

Hi andreatan001


Thank you for waiting.


The premiums extended during a promotional offer is always while stocks last. Therefore, we'll not be able to extend it to you if the premiums have been fully redeemed.


- Amy
Community Manager

Re: Misleading advertisement

Hi Daryl28


As per what Amy has mentioned above, gifts are on a while stocks last basis. 


My sincerest apologies on the inconvenience caused.


- Jackson