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Keep getting "shop-blocked"

Senior Commentator

Keep getting "shop-blocked"


I've been trying to recontract my Starhub mobile line but keep getting blocked by a notice telling me that I need to settle my outstanding bills. 

I've paid my bills and though it took a while for the Starhub system to be updated, it now shows that my mobile accounts' outstanding is at $0.00. But even with this, I'm still unable to add anything into my Cart in the online store. I've called in to inquire and the hotline personnel informed me that it does reflect that I have paid in full and therefore i shld have no issues but even now, hours later I'm still unable to shop online. I also asked him if my outstanding for my home broadband account has any bearing on my mobile line recontracting and he confidently said "no, it doesn't".

Can someone please advise/help me? Thank you.

Kenneth K
Grand Guru

Re: Keep getting "shop-blocked"



This error exist would be probably cause by your browser cache &or history.

Try to delete your browser cache & history before proceeding next.





i am not starhub staff.

Senior Commentator

Re: Keep getting "shop-blocked"

Thank you eric3743,

I did as you suggested on both the app and my mobile browser but to no avail. But i appreciate your advice nonetheless. Thank you.


My issue is somewhat finally solved (after much time wasted)

So i made a 2nd call to the helpline, and this time the guy again confirmed that i have no mobile outstandings and suggested that i use a PC/laptop instead to try to log in and recontract. Once again, i asked him if the oustanding on my home broadband has any bearing on my mobile recontract and he as well said no.

So i tried on my laptop, same problem persists, even after clearing my cache etc. So i made my third call in and this time, after what seemed longer than before, the personnel returned to tell me that i have to settle my home broadband outstanding as well before recontracting my mobile line. 

So, i'm honestly quite annoyed as to why:

1) it took 3 calls for them to decide this and why the first 2 personnel very clearly said that my Broadband outstanding has no bearing on my mobile recontracting

2) when did this happen? because in the past it was never an issue.


Nevertheless, i get that Starhub reserves the right to change their policies as and when they like but how about making it a point to ensure that all their staff and officers (especially the ones manning the helplines) are updated and that they provide advice that is alligned with any policy revisions.


Another 24hr wait until the system is updated to reflect that i have NO OUSTANDING BILLS AT ALL now. Thank you.

Kenneth K
Community Manager

Re: Keep getting "shop-blocked"

Hi KenJK


I am really sorry for this occurrence and unpleasant experience. I am glad that it was resolved and that you were able to recontract. 


Should you still require further assistance on this, please kindly provide us your registered name, registered mobile number and Hub ID/email address by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < for me to assist you further.


Once again, my deepest apologies on this.


- Jackson