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How to Change your StarHub Postpaid Mobile Number?


Do you want to change your StarHub Postpaid mobile number? The process of changing your mobile number is relatively easy. But before you do that, you must take into account this information.


✓  All outstanding balance under NRIC/FIN must be settled before your request to change your mobile number can be processed.

✓  If the registered customer is not available to request for change number himself, he/she can send a Letter of Authorisation and a copy of NRIC/FIN to authorise a representative to request the change number on your behalf.

✓  If you have an Amazon Prime subscription tied to your mobile number, then it will be terminated upon change of number. Once change number is successful, you will need to subscribe your new number to Amazon Prime offer relevant/applicable at that point in time.

✓  You have an option to choose from recycled numbers, a desired/specific number in mind, or a new number.

✓  Keep your lines open as our backend team will get in touch with you within 3 working days.


Here are the fees which will be charged to your bill and the processing time of your request to change number.


Desired Number Fee

SIM Replacement Fee

Change Number Fee

    Processing              Time

      $30 to $488



      4-6 weeks


✓  The desired number fee will be collected as upfront payment at the StarHub Shop upon collection of the SIM card.

•  We cannot guarantee the choice number desired as numbers are subject to availability.
•  The recycled numbers are kept dormant for at least 4 months before re-circulation.
•  No waivers on fees will be granted once change number request is processed.


If you have decided to change your number, you may contact us on Facebook or Twitter to request and start the process of change number.

An important note: Once you change your mobile number, it’s almost impossible to get your old number back.





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