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Having problem with your phone's battery life? Look here!

Android™ Expert



Most of us faces issues with battery life for our mobile phones nowadays. New phones are packed with powerful multiple cores processors and larger screen which consumes power tremendously. This article serves to educate users on the various ways to improve your phone’s battery life.




The screen is usually the main cause of the battery drain. This may be because the brightness or screen timeout is set to the wrong settings. Another possible cause is the cellular data connection. When playing games or streaming videos to your phone, it is actually consuming quite a significant amount of battery. A good sense of that is when your phone starts to become really hot.

The above two reasons are the main causes, there are also other factors which may lead to some battery drain. Examples of these factors are GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Sync, motion sensing and light sensing apps.




The Phone


I will start off with the simple solutions first. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other motion/light sensing functions if you are not using them. The little battery you save will go a long way. Next, we look into the screen. My advice is to set the brightness to Auto, and only to adjust it when it is too dark/bright. The screen timeout should ideally be set to no more than 30 seconds as well (this depends on individual preference).


Most of you would have noticed that LTE is still not fully available islandwide as of now. When your phone loses the LTE signal, it will switch to the 3G signal and at the same time searches for LTE signal. This takes up considerable amount of battery as well. To minimise this, you can set your phone to 2G/3G when you are not surfing the net or streaming videos, only activate LTE when you are doing so. 2G/3G signal is sufficient for push notifications such as emails and whatsapp. Using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data when Wi-Fi is available will also save some battery as well.

For the more advanced users (only applicable for android users with rooted devices), you can under-volt and under-clock your device’s processor as well. This can be done using stweak with custom kernels. Do note that this process is not covered under your device’s warranty and do not attempt to do so if you don’t know what you are doing.


Powerbank/Extra Battery


Many of you should own one of these powerbanks by now. Powerbanks are rated by their capacity in milliamps hour (mAh), the higher the value, the more capacity it has. As a general guideline, if your phone has a 3000mAh battery, you will need a powerbank with at least 150% of the phone’s battery capacity, which is 4500mAh, to fully charge it while using it at the same time. Powerbanks can be bulky and heavy to carry around, especially those with high capacity. Another alternative is to purchase spare batteries. They are available in your local stores as well as online merchants. There are the original batteries from your phone’s manufacturer and third party batteries. People might be sceptical about using third party battery, fearing that they might explode or catch fire. These incidents occurs when the users overcharge or misuse the batteries. While charging, don’t place your phone under your pillow or in an enclosed place. This will prevent it from overheating. Before replacing your batteries, always check that there is no leakage and the battery is properly sealed.


Genuine batteries will have better performance than third party ones, but they are much more costly as well. 

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