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Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

Esteemed Commentator

Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

I have experienced dead/limited/minimal signal at my new house located at Blk 511A Yishun Street 51.


It was since March 2016.

Feedback was given since then, but the mobile signals till date did not improve.


Unable to make calls and totally cut off. Not even mentioning, 4g connection.


Hopefully Starhub service team could meet me at my unit and resolve it. 



Grand Guru

Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

Hi  @Kang Wei Ming


By asking Starhub to visit your location is not possible.

Beside cost on house visit, it may not solved this issue.

There are many things to be done first before they could proceed.


You may need to assist them by provide more info in detail, before they could visit your location.

Firstly, is this happen to your only location.

There is need to have a general troubleshooting.

This will involved you to find how bad is the location.

Not necessary to wide location, but limit to your surrounding area, such as, timing, any on-going construction, etc.

Also, do your neighbours are having the same problems as yours.

Troubleshoot using on 2 or more handsets, different Telco SIM card, etc, if nec.


By using this and send to this forum staff to pass it to the technical dept to follow-up.

They will need to check if due to any interference, damaged equipments not working properly, etc; and many more.

In this way, they could understand the situation better.

As they may no need to visit you as they may personally do survey and ensure their equipments are damaged or not.


You may find this troublesome, but in technically, there are many things to do before coming into conclusion.

Many customers did make complaints as not resolved, hence told off the technicians as not capable &or experience, etc.

This is why sometimes most may not understand how complicated in troubleshooting, even if the result is just a minor issue.


That is why, it would not able to resolve this quickly, as Telcos depend on the customers reports.

The more customers reports and it may able to know exactly how big is the issue, or any issues.

Beside, technician required to bring the nec equipments to do the job if there is a solution to it.



I am not Starhub staff &or related.

But working in the technical dept do provide me the 'inside' on how technician do, just like following the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) and others.

In short, i do my own troubleshooting, even without much experience.


Thank you for reading.





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Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

thanks eric for your input.


I have checked the signal with multiple handphone sets, etc (Samsung, Iphone, XiaoMi).


I have checked the signal with different telcos, (Starhub, Singtel, M1)


Results: Starhub ranked lowest in signal connectivity.


I have feedback to Singtel and they are putting repeaters as this is a new estate.


Starhub, on the other hand, did not provide us an update. 


Lastly, we will gather our neighbours and lodge the feedbacks to Starhub.



Grand Guru

Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

Hi  @Kang Wei Ming


If possible, write to this forum staff to expediate on this case.


Please do submit your request and include subscriber detail, and the details on the feedback that your had wrote to.

PM Debra Low  or  Santosh Rai  to assist and look into your case on this matter.


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?



For your info.

For feedback, most Company(s) may not inform the writer.

The only effective way it may have to go thru these channels.

Such as Customer Service division, (this) Forum staff, Management.

Most may not reply directly to the feedback writers.

This may applies to some Company(s) &or done by 3rd party.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

New Commentator

Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

Hi, I live in the same block as well, i have also experienced dead signal in my unit.

I also asked the neighbours around the estate, and they also have feedback of Starhub having the lowest reception.

Hi Eric, do you know of any troubleshooting tools/apps, so we are able to provide some information for the Starhub engineers to expedite this issue?

Grand Guru

Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

Hi  @Mojo


Any tools...

Most effective ways are to combine all your neighbours name & address, then write to this forum staff, as indicated in my earlier post, to assist you (all) to pass to the managemant.

In this way, Starhub would have to provide you (all) an answer to this matter.


This is equivalent to like a petition.

Combination from all in one petition is an effective tools...

At this stage, it is not about troubleshooting at your end, as all of you are having the same problem.

As what the OP (Original Poster) had mentioned, it also apply to Singtel.

As you (all) do had replied from Singtel, you may also can add it to your petition.


As i am not Starhub staff &or related to any Telcos &or 3rd party.

I can only provide this, but it is up to all of you to take further action.

This Forum staff can only assist you (all).

You (all) can also writer to the Top Management.


This is as far as i can provide.

Thank for reading.




Grand Guru

Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

To add:


By going directly to  Starhub engineers, this method may not be good enough.


This have to address to the Management, as they have to reply to you (all).


Also, only the top Management can take immediate action and set a priority for their  Starhub engineers to follow-up closely.


The only worse part as like any other Company(s), is the news media.

But this can wait before rushing to take this route.




Alumni (Retired)

Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

Hi @Kang Wei Ming and @Mojo,


Firstly sorry to hear that you guys are facing network coverage issue at your end.


Can i trouble both of you to PM us your account details including email address as well the exact location of where you're facing the coverage issue?

Once we receive the information, we will get the team to look into this matter.


Thank you

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Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

I'm staying in Blk 511B, just next blk. My phone is on "Emergency Calls Only" when I am in my house unless I stand in my service yard!!! If I am lucky, I may get very weak signal by the window in my hall.


What made the situation worse is that when I called up Starhub's Customer Service Hotline, the staff told me that the weak reception is due to the building structure of our BTO which makes me wonder what is HDB doing by building something that attributes to poor network reception.


When I prompted if Starhub will be doing anything about it, the staff actually replied me that Starhub has no plans to improve the coverage in our area in the next 1-2 years. *OMG!!!* What a reply?! I am so so so disappointed with Starhub.


And guess what? The staff can actually tell me to consider other service provider with better coverage since my contract is up and advise me not to renew my contract with Starhub!!! This is definitely not what I signed up for!!!


Initially, I wanted to sign up for both SCV and broadband with Starhub, after the phone call and getting such ridiculous response from Starhub, I am too disappointed to proceed. And since the staff asked me to opt for other service provider which can provide a better coverage, I decided to go for My Republic for my broadband and homeline. My Republic should thank Starhub for pushing their user to them. Keep it up the good job, Starhub!


If the reception does not improve and no one wants to revert a promising reply, we should all move away from Starhub and asked the MP to inform all residents not to take up Starhub if they are going to move to this area since Starhub acknowledges the poor reception here yet has no plans to improve the coverage for the next 1-2yrs.



Alumni (Retired)

Re: Dead Signal at Blk 511A Yishun

Hi there, we apologize for the experience you had. Just to check, have you tried inserting your SIM card on another device?