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Complaint -Promotions PC show

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Complaint -Promotions PC show

Complaint -Promotions PC show

To whom it may concern: 


We had a very bad experience with Starhub staff and their promotions, where it really wasted our time and effort.  

We went to Northpoint starhub since this was the nearest outlet we can do our recontract last may 31.  The guy at the counter advised us that there was a promotion about the share bundle that is waived for 12 months on top of the $200 voucher, but this promotion is only valid if we go to their roadshow which happens to be at marina bay sands pc show.  Surely since we have 2 share bundle each for our 2 starhub lines we decided to visit the pc show instead the next day.  

A lady at the counter at the pc show attended to our request to recontract but when we asked about the share bundle promotion she said we are not eligible and didn't explain much.  We also recontract for the Samsung 9plus which during that time had the promotion of samsung galaxy tab a with sign-up for 0 mobile plan.  Again we ask the lady and she said we are not eligible.  Since we are rushing back home to our kids we didn't got the time to clarify but in the train going back home, we read the small prints at the pc show brochure and it stated there that the 0 mobile plan are for new share bundle sign up which we  ca do if we get the samsung tab as promotion but they lady from starhub didn't explain to us clearly.  

We call the customer service that same night which is June 1, the customer service explained the promotion and we would like to asked that we still want to avail the promotion which we feel that we were deprived because of not clear explanation from the pc show.  The customer service said they will call us back.  Already 4 days now and still no follow up call and the pc show already ended.  Now, how can we still avail this promo if no one from starhub attended and follow up? We are a loyal subscriber coz starhub give us a good service and staff are friendly to attend to our request but now we are really unsatisfied and disappointed!

Community Manager

Re: Complaint -Promotions PC show

Hi Simplefashion


Please send me your full name, NRIC/FIN number, contact number and email via Private Message and I'll check on this for you.


- Amy
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Re: Complaint -Promotions PC show

We should have choose other option if only your customer service was competent enough to explain to us with regards to your promotion and if really we are not eligible we should have not gotten to the pc show anyway.  It cost us a lot of trouble, time and effort.  Even your customer service promised to call us back but haven't received any call, only now that I lodge this complaint in this forum.  So disappointed.