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$800 Deposit

New Commentator

$800 Deposit

I became a new StarHub customer in July 2018, and decided to port over two more lines in November 2018. I was then told that I had to pay an $800 deposit as I am a new StarHub customer of less than 6 months, and I was told that I would be able to get my deposit back in 6 months from my first sign-up which will be in January. I did not understand the reason as to why I was supposed to pay the $800, but since my parents were there and I did not want to make it a wasted trip, I decided to pay the $800 knowing that I’ll be able to get it back in 2 months’ time.


So, I called StarHub at the end of January or start of February 2019 and have been waiting till today, when I received a call from Gareth Bala of the Mobile General Enquiries Department and was told that he is a General Service Manager. He told me that he had checked the voice box of my trip to StarHub in November 2018, and said that it was told to me that I will be getting my deposit back when I terminate my lines. This was not what I was told, and when I said that was not what was conveyed to me, Gareth insisted that he has the voice box and if need be, he will send me an e-mail saying that he has reviewed the voice box and that it was mentioned to me that I will only get my deposit back after 2 years.


I have been an M1 customer for the past decade and was never asked to pay a deposit of any kind. When my husband asked Gareth why was I asked to pay the $800 deposit in the first place, Gareth said that it could be because of my past credit issues with other Telcos.


My previous line with M1 was under my father’s name and we have never paid any of our bills late. This is my first sign-up under a Telco and I must say that it has been a disappointing experience thus far. May I know why was I asked to pay the $800 deposit, and why is it that I am not getting it back in 6 months’ like what I was told?

Community Manager

Re: $800 Deposit

Hi Gixs, please PM us the subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance.