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  1. What is 4G LTE / 3G DC-HSPA+?
    4G LTE and 3G DC-HSPA+ are known as 4th Generation Long Term Evolution and 3rd Generation Dual Cell High-Speed Packet Access Plus, respectively. 4G LTE and 3G DC-HSPA+ offer peak download speed of up to 75Mbps and 42Mbps, respectively. Both networks enable customers to enjoy bandwidth intensive content such as mobile TV, video and music streaming, cloud services and social networking, among others.
  2. How can I enjoy 4G LTE or 3G DC-HSPA+ service?
    Customer will require a LTE or DC-HSPA+ mobile device and appropriate mobile plan to enjoy the service. For example, to enjoy 4G LTE service, customer will need to have a LTE handset or LTE dongle and subscribe to a new SmartSurf (SmartSurf Lite/Value/Premium/Elite) mobile plan or MaxMobile Elite (11GB) DataPack plan.
  3. What will happen if I move into an area with no 4G LTE coverage?
    In areas where 4G LTE has not yet been deployed, subscribers of new SmartSurf plans or MaxMobile Elite (11GB) plan will be seamlessly switched to DC-HSPA+ or 3G connectivity.
  4. Can I use a 4G LTE handset/tablet/dongle bought overseas to work on StarHub’s 4G LTE network?
    StarHub’s 4G LTE service operates on 1800MHz spectrum. Hence, some overseas 4G LTE mobile devices may not be compatible with our 4G network.
  5. Is there a difference in performance between LTE 700MHz and LTE 1800MHz?
    There is no difference in performance. The operating frequency band is being defined by the authority within the country and has nothing to do with the performance of the product. Eventually, device manufacturer will design products to work with multiple frequency bands to cater to different country’s standard.
  6. Can I enjoy 4G LTE service while roaming overseas?
    Currently, subscribers of the new SmartSurf plans or MaxMobile Elite (11GB) DataPack will connect only to 3G networks while overseas. We will announce the roaming destinations and partners that support 4G LTE services in the near future.
  7. How can I tell if I am connected to 4G LTE or DC-HSPA+?
    When you are connected on 4G LTE network, your mobile will show “4G”. For DC-HSPA+ connection, you will see similar “3G” but experience faster speed on your DC-HSPA+ supported devices.
  8. What is StarHub’s 4G LTE and 3G DC-HSPA+ network coverage currently?
    Customers can enjoy StarHub’s 4G service in key areas such as the Central Business District (including Shenton Way, City Hall, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, and Orchard Road), as well as in Sentosa, Changi Airport and Singapore Expo.

    By end-2012, our 4G LTE service will be available in more than half of the island, and throughout Singapore in 2013. Our steady expansion of the 4G LTE network ensures that we can provide positive user experience of our 4G service.

    To complement our 4G LTE network, we have also deployed our 3G DC-HSPA+ network to deliver improved connection speeds of up to 42Mbps for a smoother mobile surfing experience in main public indoor areas, including popular retail malls, and most of Singapore’s underground network of MRT tunnels and stations.
  9. Why is my phone showing 3G when I am within 4G coverage?
    Current 4G phones or devices only initiate change from 3G to 4G during idling stage. If you are currently streaming video via 3G network, you will automatically be switched to 4G when you had finished your video session.
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