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starhub does not care about its Long term customers

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starhub does not care about its Long term customers

I had been a hub club member since 2007, have TV, internet, broadband, home line and 2 mobile numbers. If I am not wrong, I used recontract voucher once for one mobile number from 3 years ago.

as usual, StarHub sent recontract voucher way before launch of iphone, until today I don't understand this move. For me, I see it waste of paper and effort.

anyway, when I want to recontract, I called for 2 days and they keep telling me they will call back, lol. Finally I received the call and they informed me that I am not entitled for any recontract voucher. I can't fully remember what StarHub employee said, but it is something about ongoing promotions and depends from a customer to another, lol. I am not in position to judge StarHub decision. StarHub can do what they want.

i can also see on my online account that I am entitled for S$200 waiver, which is equivalent for what I was looking for. Anyway, I can't use it. In one of the calls with StarHub, they explained to me that waiver is only valid for phone number passed 12 months and under 21 months. They didn't explain why waiver is still available on my online account if it is not applicable for me, lol.

i am still waiting for StarHub to call me regarding the broadband, I expect not to receive this call, lol. Every time I call, they say they will call back, lol.

i am totally fine with StarHub decision. I will be Travelling overseas and when I return, I am going to migrate all these services to SingTel. I can do what I want too :-)

my TV contract is coming to the end and I don't mind to pay penalty to terminate it.

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Re: starhub does not care about its Long term customers

Hi Ahmed, could you PM us your NRIC/FIN number, mobile number and email? Could we clarify on the details of the broadband call that you are expecting, so we can expedite the matter to our team for the callback. Thanks.

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Re: starhub does not care about its Long term customers

Hello Debra,

i received the phone call regarding broadband. I was told an interesting story: when I did recontract tv, Internet, and home line, that free broadband was not terminated as what it should be.

anyway, my new plan includes paid broadband.

i already stopped using that old free broadband as I thought it was deactivated. StarHub did not deactivate that broadband until today and it might be working, lol.

this issue had surfaced when I returned one of the TVs boxes. StarHub customer service told me that I have 2 broadband !!! It was a surprise, lol. I insisted that I have only one, she insisted that I have two, lol. I asked her to clarify, she simply ask me to call 1633, lol. I can understand that StarHub business model is reducing face to face interaction, but when it is StarHub mistake, you are also expecting customer to call 1633 and put them on hold and trying to figure out what is really happening?

lucky, I was at the same shop that I used to recontract, I instited they should internally figure out the root cause of problem and the sales person had called me, that is a thumb up for her.

i can estimate they figure out that story in 5 minutes, and I estimate if I had called 1633, it would take me at least 2 calls, each 20 minutes.

What came on my mind, why should I be paying for a broadband while I have a free unused one. I came to know that StarHub had not terminated that broadband.

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Re: starhub does not care about its Long term customers

Thanks for sharing the details with us. Do send me a PM with your StarHub Account details so that we can do a follow up.