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"No service" message while roaming

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"No service" message while roaming

I am traveling in Toronto, Canada. For the first week I was here, I had no problem with roaming. Yesterday I suddenly get a "No Service" message. I tried restarting my phone but there was no difference. My number is 9XXXXXXX. I need to be able to receive Sing phone calls! Thanks.

Edit : Remove mobile number to protect customer privacy. 

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Re: "No service" message while roaming

Hi David, please leave us your contact details over at via ask an account related query link. Thank you

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Re: "No service" message while roaming

Hi  @Davidgillam


Do try this method.

1.  Switch Off the phone.

2.  Remove the SIM card out totally.

3.  Then slot the SIM card in the SIM slot according and make sure it is fully inserted.

4.  Switch On the phone.


 Still have no signal.

5.  If you have another working SIM card from another phone, borrow.

6.  Switch Off your phone and remove your SIM card.

7.  Insert the 'borrow' SIM card properly.

7.1.  Switch On the phone.

  This is to check on your phone on whether there is a problem or not.

8.  If it work, then your SIM card is the issue.

9.  If using another SIM card do have this 'no signal', this is the phone issue.


The rest is up to you.

0.  Do check all the Setting carefully for if there are changes that you did not do.  Such as;

0.1.  In the Networks, check if it is detected as your Starhub SIM card.

0.2.  In the mobile network, check the Access Point Names do have 2 item, namely, SH Data & SH MMS.

0.3.  Network mode, this should be Auto.

0.4.  Default messaging app is  Messages.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.