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iPhone SmartSurf Value

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iPhone SmartSurf Value

For this particular mobile plan, is 4GB data enough? Has anyone exceeded before? Thanks! Thinking of getting iPhone 5.
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Re: iPhone SmartSurf Value

Hi Debsho,


It depends on individual Users.


A typical MP3 file 3 mins - 4MB (estm)
A typical DVDRip file 3/4hour - 600MB (estm)
A typical BRRip file(Mkv) - Anywhere from 1GB - 12GB(estm)

All are just estimation to give rough idea of what to look out for.
You could actually gauge your usage using several apps.
Please do read the disclaimers, as most/all apps will not be able to give you a 100% reading.

All information provided has been taken off the web and is governed by terms and conditions.
I have only shared information that i have understood and might not be the same as what was intended by Starhub.
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Re: iPhone SmartSurf Value

Or the most conventional way.

Look at your bills for the past 6 months.
You would be able to see the data usage breakdown in your bill.
From there, you should be able to gauge if 4gb is enough for your own usage or not.

Like what AJ had mentioned above, almost all apps wouldn't be able to give you an accurate reading.

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