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all about ip5.

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all about ip5.

1)from the very first time, everytime when i received incoming or i make an outgoing call, the other party cant really hear my voice. until i put my mouth really close to the speaker then they can hear. why is it so?

2)before this i only download a few of freeapps& only one whatsapp tht need to be pay. and it goes smoothly. but recently, it giving me another problem is i cant download any apps. even the FREE APPS they ask for billing information and when i press to fill up the billing information, it appeared in red stating "there is billing problem with a previous purchase. please update your payment mode,". And again when i fill it, this time round it says in red "your payment method was declined. please enter another payment method"

3)i called the customer service care n they guide me through this. go to the settings→iTunes&AppStores. try signing out from the apple id. then try signing it again n THIS "there is a billing problem with a previous purchase. pls go to purchase history to correct the problem" appeared.

i went to the purchase history which is under the Apps→Updates→Purchased, THIS APPEAR "All your available apps have been downloaded to this computer."


I plug in my usb already to my lappy but how does this work? i dont really umdeartand. i need ur guidance.

im hoping for a reply from you. thankyou.

Hub Master

Re: all about ip5.

Hey Allissa


For question 1, you may wish to bring your phone down to our Customer Service Centre at Plaza Singapura for our colleagues to do a check on the handset.


As for question 2 and 3, it will be better if you clarify with Apple as they would have better knowledge on how to resolve your issue.

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