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Worst service provider in Singapore

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Worst service provider in Singapore

I've been as a Starhub customer for over 10yrs as Platinum and hub club member, with 3 handphones, fibre broadband and cable TV.  When i requested for early mobile early recontract i will be fined $100-$200, early fibre recontract i will not get free modem. What is the point as a Platinum hub club member ??? I don't even get the discount voucher for every recontract period unless i called up and only SOMETIMES get it but just mainly $50-$100. Recently on 3 Aug'16 i went to Serangoon Nex Starhub wanted to recontract and i realised there is new phone Samsung Note 7 coming and was advise that need to register online and so immediatly i register online using my mobile phone.  I recevied their automated reply on the same day stating that will soon email/sms me for the booking of phone. I've been waited for so long and even called up to check but was told will sms me. Today 18/8/16 i called up 1633 again as 19/8/16 will be the phone collection day. the customer service was damm slow to check and put me on hold for so damm long, ended he told me that i did register but i never book the phone, WTH is this.... i didnt even received any notificaiton at all. He told me he cant do nor help so i told him to put the call to someone that can HELP, again he put the call to his manager and again i was on hold for soooo damm long.


His manager told me that Starhub did email me on the 14/8/16 for booking the phone, i check all the folders in my email and i did not receive anything at all not to said SMS too. This manager told me that i can only purchase on the 20/8/16 at any Starhub store but what is the point if i cannot get the free gift then must well on the 1st place i dun need to register online. What a joke !!! If i did receive the email or sms but i ignore then is my fault, if i am not keen then i would not call up 1633 so many times to check. Please use your brain and think about it. Now this manager told me will give me an answer by 22/8/16 6pm and see what he can do about it but NO PROMISE. 


Been so loyal as your customer for 10 over years and this is what i've been treated. If i cant get the Samsung Note 7 with the free gifts then i'm glad to inform you that i'm gonna terminate all services from Starhub. 





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Re: Worst service provider in Singapore

Hi Clare Derrin,


Firstly we apologies for your rough experience during the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 booking.

We have sent you an PM on this matter and hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you

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