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Suspension of mobile line

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Suspension of mobile line

My bill was $190..i paid $150 & my line was suspended due to $40 outstanding. So inflexible. Singtel can be flexible why can't starhub? And the customer service officer demand me to pay by wed $40.. why can't i pay together with next bill? So dumb your service is so bad and yet want us to pay full.
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Re: Suspension of mobile line

Hi  @Suja sara janan


Is the bill of $190 for one month or carry forward from previous bill.

Billing is under control by the System and Acct & Billing dept.

Billing Hotline  1637  


To avoid this, you could contact the billing dept staff to make the necessary arrangement.

Before giving approved and why they suspension of your mobile line.

They will check your past (at least) 6 months on when your payment and compared to the bill due date.

If you made you past payment with a week of the date of bill, for this, they may considered you as good pay-master.

If by payment just before due date, it will not consider as good pay-master.

All this is applicable to almost all Company(s).


Did you talk to the Billing & Acct dept staff to assist you.

Customer service staff have no authority and hence, they merely reply accordingly to their FAQ.


No Company(s) do not like to have no &or late payment from the customers.


I did encountered which is worse than you.

As i had missed 1 bill not paid in time.

For that, i was charged $50 for non-payment from a Telco.

In another case, knowing i may had money problem.

I did made arrangement with the Branch Service Manager, is to transfer to my mother.

As my money was resolved, i seek the Telco to transfer the ownership back to me.

At first, upon looking at their system, i had default on my payment.

But as the Branch Service Manager look into my payment mode.

Also i did mde payment within a week of the bill date, so the Manager accept to transfer back to me.

In this case, it was the Branch Manager approval on my arrangement.

So in this way, i make arrangement with the Branch Manager, rather not the Account/Finace Manager.


Hence, if you do know you may encounter such situation, then you need to make arrangement, first.

This is where why people do not make such arrangement before it get worst.


Thanks for reading.


I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Suspension of mobile line

Nope its wasn't a 1 month or carried forward bill...monthly im paying. Last month i paid too and there was a balance of $50 so it inclusive of that $50 plus current bill was $190. So i made payment of $150 balance is $40. My budget for hp bill is $150 which i have been doing for donkey years. And i dunno y now for that $40 they suspend line.. and so stupid told me to write in so they can assist till now no assistance n call from starhub. My hubby is with singtel many years. They don't penalise him for $50 or $40 dollars long he pays bill is fine for them. He doesn't go thru this hassel of line suspension from singtel.I pay my bill too monthly.
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Re: Suspension of mobile line

Hi Suja sara janan,


I have sent you a PM regarding this matter.


Hope to hear from you soon.



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