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Recontract voucher

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Recontract voucher

Dear Starhub Representative , I am bit disappointed by star hub only offering recontact voucher worth of 50$ (Acct : <Snipped>), all my friends till now have received recontact voucher worth of 200 $. I was told by dhoby ghat plaza outlet representative during first time contract with me starhub that at the end of 21st month i will be eligible to get 200 $ of recontact vouchers being a hub club member and i have always been maintaining my acct in healthy condition 



edit: account number removed to protect customer privacy

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Re: Recontract voucher

Hi @rajeevkocheta,


Recontact offers extended will vary for each customers, as such value of vouchers will differ.


The Hub Club entitlement is extended to customers in form of Early Recon Fee Waiver of $200. Where each Hub Club members are entitled to use it once every 12 months for their selected mobile number.

Do refer here for more details.


Thank you

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