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Recontract Voucher

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Re: Recontract Voucher

My contract has expired eons ago but have recently accepted Starhub offer for some sgd 4 off monthly contract. I to request for handset upgrade or recontract vouchers since I'm interested to recontract to get the iPhone 6S as well but was turned down for the plain reason of that offer I took up. That offer can be cancel anything for recontract and I've called and told them my whole family is using starhub and we also have our broadband and cable TV with them. They are totally uninterested to retain customers. Told me no way I could get any vouchers and I have been their loyal customer for 10 years min and my mum ever since they started. I hope that any admins here would be interested to help. Otherwise all other current starhub customers can witness how starhub "values" their existing and longtime customers. Hope starhub has more sense to reward existing customers. Otherwise I will just shift my whole family to another telco including all broadband and cable TV once contracts are up.
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Re: Recontract Voucher

Hi @Gu5t , please drop us your details over at . We will see what we can do. (: 

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Re: Recontract Voucher

HI , I'm disappointment in starhub services. As my mobile plan is expiring next month. I have call them two days ago in regards of the e voucher. I am a loyal customer to starhub for 10 years with starhub tv ,mobile and broadband. What they offer me was a 6 month free id caller and 3 month free international roaming! I don't even want the it at the first place and rejected them. So today I call again hopefully to get e voucher from a different staff but when the staff checked for me , he say I already have the 6 month free I'd caller reflected. I'm no words to how starhub make an decision for me. I am planning to re contract in one weeks time and really thinking if I should change my telco provider.
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Re: Recontract Voucher

Do write your details to the link, for assistance.

And provide your nec details, so that Starhub can look into your case.



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Re: Recontract Voucher

Hi @Leslie4152


Please write in to with your details for us to assist you.

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Re: Recontract Voucher

Singtel Online CIS Shop promos_Oct.jpg


I have three CIS mobile lines, Cable TV and Cable Internet with Starhub ... basically a Hubber.

I just want to recontract my CIS mobile line which contract expired and now I'm paying normal rates!!!

Yes, I posted one questions and you direct me to

I posted numerous question in, and you can't "help" me.. ...

( Your standard answers are always .. .. . no stock, cannot reserve...)

In the end, you made your customer a fool, everyday after work visit Starhub Shop outlet looking for iPhone6S Plus stock... ...


Well, first stop asking me to write to (b'cos my problem is still around)

Two, You provide my basic telco needs, but RED/ORANGE too can provide me that.... ....

I stay with you hoping you can provide me extra mile service, but unfortunely you lost your sight... ... 


It really time to say goodbye .. ... 

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Re: Recontract Voucher

About the normal rates you are to pay after contract expire;

Maybe if you want would check another post, refer to my link below.

Contract over, given an option, but failed to explain about taking or not taking those options.

By logic, subscription and CIS discount should remain same, no change.


But using the argument (your past posts) it has no meaning.

By using VAS for recontract, this is baseless reason &or argument.

Recontract is a necessity, but VAS is just an option where customer can chose or not.

What if you had said you no need for that VAS, then what will they use next.

VAS is just a service, as there is no physical value in it.

Recontract voucher is a physical value that in true form, $money$.



To me, Starhub cannot cope with current situation, especially for iPhone fans.

What more interesting is that there are getting more and more customers complaining about their attitude.


Once we become hubber &or loyal customers, what we see is their Back facing us.

New customer will see them face to face in Front.

Don't blamed them, they are train to be like that....always negative answered.


Reading you previous post about the iPhone, you will definitely get is not new, it is "replacement" set, meaning "Refurbished" phone.

This just happened to one customer having the iPhone that was damaged; brand new handset.

That customer, was given 3 options; repair, refurbished, new but not that brand new without box!


For me, i rant on another thread;


In the end, i just sign up SingTel with $150 port-in-discount.

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Re: Recontract Voucher


Wrong subject as not related.

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Re: Recontract Voucher

Hi StarHub,

I've selected StarHub from the start because my whole family were StarHub user, and I believed StarHub was the best telco in the past giving my parents awesome benefits that made them stayed for so long. My first telco was StarHub, and i was told that you guys will offer us vouchers every 19-21months. 2years ago was my first recontract with you guys, and yes, I"m glad I received a $100/$150 dollars voucher from StarHub. But this time round, I waited and waited, but I received nothing until the 24month now, so I tried to call the hotline for weeks, which is really tedious, and finally I received a call today telling me that I'm entitled for a $50 voucher. Is this kinda funny or something? You guys are offering $100 voucher for new sign up, but $50 for existing customers? And I've waited for more than a week, I wanted to recontract my line with StarHub ASAP because I've already paid extra 2months which recontracting was suppose to be on the 21month, end up all I got was disappointment? So this is how you value your existing customers? I believe you guys should know, other telcos are offering $100 for new sign up too, and much more benefits given. If StarHub can't do anything about this, yes, you're losing an existing customer, and I'll tell my family about the poor customer service too. Please get back to me ASAP, I don't wish to waste anymore time if this is what I get from StarHub.

Thank you.
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Re: Recontract Voucher

Hi @jovin90,


Recontract vouchers issued to customers are subjected to assessment criteria and may change from time to time.


Hence what value of voucher will differ accordingly. 


You can PM me your account details so that we can review your request.




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