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RE: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Connectivity Issue

New Commentator

RE: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Connectivity Issue

Hi, I have some internet issues with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I am unable to use the internet although Starhub has confirmed that my 4G3 plan is workign fine and my SIM card has already been replaced with a new one. The issue is that it occasionally switches between 'Emergency Calls Only' and Starhub with a data of E shown. I cannot use the internet at all although it shows E. Help please.

Grand Guru

Re: RE: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Connectivity Issue

Hi  @mingweisoo


Have to try to slot your SIM card to another working phone.

Or slot in another working SIM card, if any, to check if the your phone is faulty or not.


Once you can confirm, and if it the phone, you may have to go to Samsung Service Center to check on your phone.


If it is due to the SIM card, you can visit these Starhub shops with customer service staff to get an replacement.

Also, it may able to activate the new SIM card, by staying for a while.

In this way, you can confirm on whether the SIM card do work or not.

StarHub Retail Shops with Customer Service staff located at
Marina Bay Link Mall/Plaza Singapura level 1 and basement/Tampines Mall/Nex/VivoCity.

Starhub shops location




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.