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Poor Network at Tradehub 21

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Poor Network at Tradehub 21

Hi Support


I have connection issue for 2 years at No 18, Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21. Problem is when i pickup a call, i need to wait for 10 to 20 second for phone to connect (when connect, you can see the call timer start counting). and talk about 10 second will unabel to hear and sound. But re-call back will back to normal. 

Pls note i don't have this issue during oversea, or at other area of singapore. 


Pls refer to below 


1 years ago, when i have this issue, i suspect is phone issue, apple help me to troubleshoot and change 2 iphone X also same. Starhub change the new SIM card and reset, still same


Second year, i upgarde to Iphone XS also have same issue. Now i using Iphone XS Max and Samsung Note8 also have thissue issue. Pls help. 


Community Manager

Re: Poor Network at Tradehub 21

Hi Hau, Let us know if the issue still persist after restarting the mobile device or reinserting the SIM card back to the mobile device ? Thank you 

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Re: Poor Network at Tradehub 21

i have restart, can phone and change the SIM card, the problem still same when working at tradehub 21. 


I restart phone everyday on morning ... 

Community Manager

Re: Poor Network at Tradehub 21

To better assist you in pinpointing the issues you are experiencing, please share with us detailed information regarding this issue by clicking the red words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message <.


1. Dates and times of occurrence:
2. Frequency of occurrence:
3. Specific address and/or locations where weak signal is detected (including floor, unit number and postal code etc): Tradehub 21, please provide unit number
4. Handset Model: Iphone XS Max and Samsung Note8
5. Signal and Battery Strength:
6. Network (3G / 4G or LTE):
7. Error Message (if any):
8. Type of services affected: Voice (Dropped Calls?) / SMS (Failed SMSes?) / Data (Slow Data Access?)
9. Screenshot of Speedtest done ( or if issue is data related
10. Name of subscriber:
11. Mobile Service ID affected:
12. Email Address:


- Amy