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Mobile 4G intermittent issue

New Commentator

Mobile 4G intermittent issue

Every few mins my data will just drop and dissapear with the no network icon


Called Starhub. Not much help. Was told maybe faulty sim card ( hmmmmmmmmmm )

Yes i have restarted my phone multiple times

Yes i have the same issue on other phones

Ported over from M1 last week, Issues since Day 1


Phone : S20

APN : SH Data Postpaid ( default, did not touch anything )

Network Operator : Set to auto select.




Re: Mobile 4G intermittent issue

Hi @Clumsyhotdog, I'm sorry to hear about this. Since restarting your phone and inserting your sim card in another device doesn't work. Please communicate with us on either Facebook or Twitter where a relevant team will further assist you with your concern. 


~ Carla