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Extremely slow speed 4G on mobile

New Commentator

Extremely slow speed 4G on mobile

i subscribed to a 4G sim only plan. But now I'm suffering because of the extremely slow speed internet. I having an unlimited plan but it seems unuseable this few weeks




Re: Extremely slow speed 4G on mobile

Hi @kenny9888, please contact us through Facebook messenger or Twitter Direct Message to further assist you with your concern as this requires us to refer to your account details. Sorry for the inconvenience as I don't have access to your account. 




~ Carla
Valued Advocate

Re: Extremely slow speed 4G on mobile



I see that you are using an iphone. Would you like to try to reset Network settings on your iphone? Not to worry it will not reset all your data away, just the network settings. 


Also , maybe you can tell me which APN did you set the iphone to. shwap will seem to be the better choice. Alternatively, if you have another starhub user side by side you, you can get him/her to do speedtest with you to see if its the phone problem or not. You can put your sim card in another phone to try too.


Lastly, if all else doesnt work, you may go to the main shops where they can help you diagnose / change a new sim card for you. That should be it.