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3G problem

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3G problem

3G in my iphone 4s is not working in bukit panjang area. What to do?


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Re: 3G problem

Hey stuka


Could you provide me with the following information via e-mail?


Please send it to


Mobile Service number:
1. Handset Brand and Model:
2. Handset signal level(% of bars):
3. When did the issue started:
4. Exact Location where you experience this issue? (complete address, including postal code):
5. Happen in all location?:
6. Did you experience this issue previously or is it only now that you encounters this issue?:
7. How did you detect slow speed?:
8. If the page fail to load, what is the signal level and network connecting to(eg. 3G/2G):
9. Are you connected to 3G Network?
10. Do you experience any drops calls?
11. Occurrence of issue: Intermittent / Continuous
12. Any recent updates of OS/firmware?
13. Download Free Speedtest App from Appstore/Google Play Store and provide us 3 x speedtest screenshot.

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Re: 3G problem

Even I observed the same issue in my iPhone 4 in most areas, but suddenly when I updated by carrier settings to STARHUB 13.1, it was much better(although still just touching 1.3 mbps, but still better than earlier speed of around 100 kbps). try this, may be it is of some help.