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Can someone help to clarify some doubts that I have.

I have a smart watch that could be used when I put in my 4G NanoSIM card.  That was in December 2016.

I was told that it can be used with 2G & 3G networks.

Now when I try the 4G card with the smart watch, it keeps giving 'No service' signal.

Does it mean that the 2G network is no longer in use, the smartwatch cannot detect the 4G network?

Can it detect the 3G network?

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Re: 2G/3G/4G

You can refer to my post on your other thread.


For details info, you can check my post link;


>> Sony Xperia XA1 / XA1 Ultra


That is to say, Telco(s) may be using 2G networks in order for dual handset to work on call/sms to both SIM cards as active.

When 2G had ceased, dual band handset have to manually select the SIM slot to be active, while the other remain unavailable.