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Waiver of exceeded mobile data

New Commentator

Waiver of exceeded mobile data

Hi, I would like to seek a waiver of my exceeded mobile data. My original plan was 6Gb and I went on to use it and wanted to keep it under the 7Gb mark. However, I did closely monitor until the last billing date before it exceeded the 7Gb mark but I was surprise to see my data to be at 7.1Gb when i off the mobile data usage when i realised it was at 6.8Gb on the last day of my billing date. 


Hope to hear from you soon thanks. 

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Waiver of exceeded mobile data

Hi hongweisin95,


Do provide me with the subscribers' details (Full name, NRIC/FIN, mobile number, email) ----> via PM so that I may arrange for further assistance - Han