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Suspend of mobile line

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Suspend of mobile line

As I will be residing in China for the next few years, I would like to suspend my current mobile plan while retaining my mobile number. I will reactivate it when I return Singapore. Please advise on the procedures of doing so.


Suppose the suspension could be done, may I know if my sim card (current mobile number) could still receive OTP at China as my number is tagged to a number of operators like Singpass or banks. What about whatsapp communication with this sim card if wifi without firewall is available. Thanks.

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Re: Suspend of mobile line



For Mobile service the max period is 6 months.

Upon reaching 6 months, you need to re-activate the services first.

To continue to have another Temporary Suspension period, then repeat the same.

Each months subscription will be $5.35 inclusive of 7% gst.

The final bill will be sent on after the service is re-activated, meaning accumulated.

There is no monthly subscribed plan subscription during this period.


The mobile contract will be suspended during this period.

When the service resumed, the contract expiry will extend for the period while on suspension.

For example if this suspension is 6 months, then the contract expiry date will extend further 6 months.


Do note that there will be no network service available during these period on Temporary Suspension.

Meaning no calls, sms, mobile data, including OTP, calls divert, etc.

In short, the mobile line number is cut-off totally.

As for whatsapp although you can use via wifi or wireless signal, it may be disrupted should there by any change in the setting, as no OTP to the mobile number to re-activate if disable, 

However, there is Starhub Prepaid SIM which has no subscription but do have roaming services for calls, sms and mobile data via Data Plan.


You can make this request thru forum staff via PM (private message) for communication.

Should you require any assistance;

Do PM (private message) forum staff Amy_Law to assist you on this matter.

Or to the forum staff that reply here, by clicking on the staff's post: Send a private message.


Click on this link; >> Send private message to Amy_Law


Please submit and provide with the following information;

Message Subject:

Registered subscriber Name, NRIC/FIN number, contact, email.


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




i am not starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Suspend of mobile line

Hi Occamsrazor, please PM me your full name, NRIC, contact number and email address if you'd like to proceed with the suspension of service. However, take note that you will not be able to receive the OTP once your service is suspended.