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Mobile broadband

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Mobile broadband

Can mobile broadband be use overseas?

Grand Guru

Re: Mobile broadband

I suggest it is best not to use local mobile broadband in oversea, even if allowed.

As you will not be able to control and monitor your usage.

Many posters did encountered and shock on such huge bills after returning home.


The charges for usage is unlimited, which do not follow Singapore laws.


Use other alternate options;

Use their Local mobile &or data SIM card, which is much more in control and cheaper.

Some Hotels do provide better connection, by wifi &or wired.

Such as; our Wireless@sg  &or  shops, shopping mall, etc.


Ask around, you may get better options, as those who know and use before would be best to advice you.

Maybe someone on this forum will guide you.

Or you can go thru this Community forum, &or other forums; if you do able to find someone, then communicate with him/her for advise.