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Facebook, Google an online hacking!!

Senior Commentator

Facebook, Google an online hacking!!

Dear StarHub:

I have read previous comments, however my situation is far more complex an severe than just FB hacking, my children's accounts have been hacked, my fathers,  I have lots of FB accts set up as well as google accts, my password keeps getting changed every single time someone added another email to my recovery email which I cannot access so therefore they know the minute I reset my password, I can't change profile pic without a password which I never known to have to enter password to change pics, im in groups I never joined, I have tons if people posting feeds I do not wish to view yet can't change anything, same with my husbands FB an google accts, our phones hacked , VM passwords changed,  on my other cell im oonly own act as a 3rd person which gives them access to all my phone info at all times, I've changed carriers, been thrust every carrier that exist an no luck, last week I filed with the FCC, identity theft an personally had a face to face meeting with the county and state prosecuting attorney to find who is at fault an see the are hung literally in court!! Pretty sad, huh? Can't people find something fun an constructive to do in their boredom than play on phones an if so stay on their own accts, NOT MINE!!?? Im fed up totally an seeing this thru in court, unless they get really unlucky and i run into them first, then god help them!! So any suggestions other than a handgun purchase? ?  

Sincerely Fed Up!!

Donna and Tuff



Re: Facebook, Google an online hacking!!

Hi DonnaanTuff, sorry to hear this! Please send me a private message here with your name, NRIC/FIN, contact number and email address so that I can get in touch and assist you further. Thank you - Josephine