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Exceed Data Usage

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Exceed Data Usage

Hi, I am currently using 4G 3 mobile plan, which I have 3GB bundled data.


I checked my data usage on starhub apps, and it showed that I used exceed 1GB+ extra, and 2GB+ on a single day on 2/7/2015. 

I not sure is this an error of the data usage on starhub apps, because I think it is impossible for me to use 2GB on a single day. How do I actually check it?


If I really used up that much, how is the charges? Lets said I used 1GB 500MB, how much charges I will need to pay?

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Re: Exceed Data Usage

@RTDMJ, do check out


As a 4G plan user, if you had not subcribed to the Local Data Upsize Value-Added-Service, you will be charged for Excess Local Data Usage at $10.70 per GB.


$10.70/GB capped at $168/month if you are on 4G 3/4/5/6/12 subscription plan

$8.56/GB capped at $85.60 (U.P $168/month) Promotional price is applicable till 31 December 2015.




If you are using one of the latest android phones in the market, there should be native mobile data manager apps that will track and indicate data usage from the various apps install on your phone.




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Re: Exceed Data Usage

I am using iphone, is there any other way to check the data usage on that single day?


I do checked the starhub website and it tells:


  • 4G plans’ excess local data charges are at 0.0107cents/KB, up to a maximum $10.70 per gigabyte block


I am asking how it is calculated, because early this year I use the data exceed 71MB 506KB and starhub charges me for $7.7710. (If in this case I used 200MB, it will definately charges more than $10.7 right?)


So if right now I used 1GB over, does it charges /KB or /GB?

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Re: Exceed Data Usage

Hi, I'm having the same issue as you. I'm realised that on 9/8, our national day, my phone data usage shoot up to 1.5 gb.
I was at home and been using my iPad with wifi all the while. Didn't used my phone for Internet but the data shown I used up to 1.5gb.
Called the customer service and was told to wait until the final bill come. And then call the billing dept for help.
Any body got the same issue here. How they resolve the issue.
I'm a low usage user.
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Re: Exceed Data Usage

Hi there, i think you can keep track your data using the StarHub app.

Some tips here maybe you can follow..